HRPT Valkryie Project

With work, there is reward. Now that the AMX is traveling along the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour, we get the wonderful opportunity to help support the efforts of the Austin Hatcher Foundation while also spending time at local area hospitals along the route to visit the kids. Together, we...

1969 AMC AMX Front on the Hot Rod Power Tour

It's a beautiful day in Madison, WI and our AMX is sitting out here on the Hot Rod Power Tour's first stop! The team worked until 3:30am at Cool Hand Customs to get her ready for today. Our team is truly  dedicated and amazing. We thank ALL of the build...

Wheel Vintiques Wheels and Coker Tires

Thanks to Coker Tire and Wheel Vintiques for sponsoring the new wheels and tires for the AMX! We can't wait to get the rolling in the Hot Rod Power Tour coming up very soon.

AMX Debut with one of its past workers.

The event at the Kenosha History Center welcomed our AMX to a "homecoming". The city where AMC had set up production, our AMX is returning to its roots. To top it off, we ran into even more of the AMC's history when we met one of its former workers. Here...

Hooker Headers installed Its a tight fit, but they are beautiful.

Today we installed Hooker Headers. It was a tight fit - but they look beautiful!

Amy Fitzgerald installs Hooker Headers

The AMX has endured a trip from Tampa to Concord and finally to Madison, Wisconsin where it will see its completion at Cool Hand Customs - the shop of Amy and EJ Fitzgerald. Here's a preview of the work that's already happening!

AMX sponsored parts await.

With the arrival of the AMX at Cool Hand Customs in Wisconsin, we are overwhelmed and overjoyed at the sight of all these sponsored products that are awaiting install. With just over a week to go, we are nearing the completion of this multi-month build. We could not have done...

1969 AMX Engine install

This was a great day! The AMX engine was finally ready to be installed. We reflect on the numerous sponsors and individuals who have stepped up and donated and volunteered their time to this project thus far. While we're not done yet, this was a huge step in our build.

Ignition - Warrior Projects

With many thanks to Keith Dorton and the Automotive Specialists team, we are excited to announce that the AMX engine has ignition!

Assembling March Performance Pulley System

Keith Dorton and his team at Automotive Specialists have been working hard on completing the AMX's engine. We're fortunate to be here witnessing all of the great work that they have been doing. We'll be here for just a few more days until we take the AMX to Cool Hand...