Mother-Daughter Day at the Car Build

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Mother Daughter Day - Warrior Projects

Technical Lead Karen Salvaggio’s daughter, Tracy, and Project Creator Susan Carpenter’s daughter, Sarah, joined the car build efforts today. (From L-R) Madison, Karen, Tracy, Susan, Sarah.

Karen gave us a few words from on-site today:

We were also very fortunate to have Bogi Laitner with us for the next few days. Bogi brought her co-worker Angel with her, and she was quite the kick!

This week began suspension and brakes, and our goal for the day was to disassemble the front end. The AMX has a very unique suspension, and we had a lot of fun!

Tracy, Sarah, Susan, MadisonĀ and I had a great time today. We disassembled and the front suspension, and Bogi/Angel removed the steering. We’ll be changing over to power steering, and will be installing bigger brakes.

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