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Warrior Projects Introduces The Valkyrie Project – An All Women Car Build

TAMPA, FL – March 30, 2015 – Warrior Projects, LLC introduces The Valkyrie Project – a full restoration and rebuild of a classic 1969 AMC AMX that will serve as a platform for women in the automotive industry to design, fabricate and ultimately build a uniquely powerful and equally beautiful car.  Exemplifying the core mission of Warrior Projects – to encourage participation of women in all aspects of the automotive industry – The Valkyrie Project is the organization’s first car build which features the talents of women from across the country.

An idea that originated in a discussion at the 2014 SEMA Show amongst industry colleagues, Project Creator and Lead, Susan Carpenter of JR Products, began assembling a team of industry veterans who could help her lead The Valkyrie Project’s efforts. Within a short span of time, Carpenter gained the commitment from Dr. Karen Salvaggio of Thunder Valley Racing who serves as the Technical Lead, Nan Gelhard of Summit Racing who serves as the Product Procurement Lead and Christina Kwan of Kwan International Marketing who serves as the Public Relations Lead and Webmaster.  In addition, key contributing project leads include JoAnn Bortles of Crazy Horse Custom Paint who will lead Body & Paint as well as Julia Johnson of Skyline College who leads the student participation recruiting efforts.

The Valkyrie Project will go through several phases. Stage one is the car’s rebuild and restoration efforts, the AMX body currently resides at the High Performance Advisor’s shop just outside of Tampa, Florida. While the team originally planned to rebuild the engine at the shop in Tampa, Keith Dorton of Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina approached the team to handle the rebuild. Dorton and his team are known for building world class winning racing engines that include a Daytona 500 winner.

Stage two of The Valkyrie Project is philanthropy and shining a spotlight on The Austin Hatcher Foundation.  Making its debut on the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour, the team will be raising funds for each mile driven while also visiting a number of hospitals along the route. A lasting experience that is beyond words, the team looks forward to bringing joy to the lives of children who are fighting illness. Together, they will build Pinewood Derby Cars and then race them. The children and their families will be honored guests at each tour stop. Finally, stage three of the project is racing the AMX. Combining beauty with power and performance, the car will be prepared for road racing competition.

Well into the process of the AMX build, Carpenter sees how The Warrior Projects message has been gaining momentum through The Valkyrie Build. Carpenter says, “We intend to continue with many more car builds in the future that allows us to showcase the extremely talented women in the automotive industry.”


About Warrior Projects:

Warrior Projects, LLC is comprised of an all women, all volunteer effort to promote its mission statement – To encourage participation of women in all aspects of the automotive industry. Formed this year, Warrior Projects strives to propel its message through embarking on a unique car build each year. The Valkyrie Project – a 1969 AMC AMX full restoration and rebuild – marks the organization’s first all women build project.