Prime Time

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First coat of primer - Warrior Projects

It’s late at night, but the team continues to work. Here’s a peek into the window of the spray booth at Robert’s Collision Center where the AMX is getting its first coat of primer!

Words from JoAnn Bortles who led the efforts on-site:

The transformation on the AMX body was proceeding at warp speed. The team of seven women were joined by two new team members, Amy Bogner of Northeast Collision, a PPG paint and body shop, and her friend Jessica Hojnacki from New York State. They jumped right in and meshed perfectly with the rest of the team. Amy is an experienced painter and body person with over 10 years of experience. Jessica is a stay at home mom who knows her way around a sanding block. We now had nine women block sanding on the car, getting the body straight. One of the biggest issues with the car was the hood. The hood had been heavily damaged, with the front of the hood bent down severely. Jess Anderson took it as her personal mission to get the hood back in shape. Dee Asbury-Robertson partnered up with Jess and they throw up a cloud of plastic filler dust as they made great use of the Evercoat Quantum One. In fact, Jess’s favorite product on the build were the Evercoat Quantum Super Fast in their cartridge dispenser System. She felt it cut her application time in half. She roughed it in with the Summit Racing DA sander and finished it off with the Dura-Blocks and Style Line sandpaper.

Meanwhile Laura Duanas was making great strides in the engine bay, cleaning away 30 years of grease and grime with the POR15 Degreaser and taking care of the rusty areas with the POR15 Metal Prep and Metal Rust Preventive Coating.

Diane Tran was new to doing bodywork but you’d never know it as she carefully worked on the driver’s side front fender and the trunk lid. We were all impressed with how quickly she caught on. Even the seasoned veterans at Roberts Collision Center were amazed as Diane’s skills developed. Jess Gomez took the wavy rear valance and got it smooth and flat as well as spending time on the right front fender. Amy Fitzgerald spent a good deal of time on the rear quarters of the car, getting filling the low spots and discovering the long lost body lines back there. Amy Bogner and Jessica took on the roof, the sail panels, and the inconic AMX rear glass surround area. JoAnn Bortles handled welding the cracked areas of the car, like the underhood bracing, 20 year old dent pulling holes in the quarter panels and front fenders, as well as making sure the team had what they needed. One of the things that many of the team members wanted out of the build was to learn new techniques and skills. Team members experienced in body work helped those who has little or limited experience. It was a sharing of knowledge that gave the team the extra momentum they needed to get through the long day. A long day that ended in the paint booth! FBS’s line of Pro maskers and Carborundum Abrasives 70530 Plastic sheeting from Summit Racing helped Jess Gomez, Amy Bogner and Jessica get the job of masking the car done quickly.JoAnn sprayed PPG’s Vibrance brand of VP2100 Polyester Primer using SATA’s 100 B P, a unique spray gun designed for applying polyester primer. VP2100 is a very high build primer surfacer that is almost like spraying a layer of plastic filler.

The team ended the day ( or was it night?) in high spirits!

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