Teamwork on the AMX

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Preparing the AMX for paint. - Warrior Projects

It’s all about teamwork. A group of very dedicated and talented women have been working with The Valkyrie Project Body & Paint Lead, JoAnn Bortles, at Robert’s Collision Center where the AMX is receiving its body work and paint.

A big Thank You to Diane Tran, Amy Fitzgerald, Jess Anderson, Dee Asbury-Robertson, Jess Gomez, and Laura Duanas for being a part of the project!

Words from JoAnn Bortles who led the efforts on-site:

We knew our legendary race car had lived a hard raced life, but we had no idea just how hard a life it has been until we began to sand down into the layers of the paint – and in the process uncovering the brutal history of this AMX. There were few panels, if any, that had not been banged and bumped over the years. In fact, some panels has been repaired and repainted six or more times, using anything and everything that was available, in fact, on one place it looked as though White-Out had been used to camouflage chips. This meant that any questionable material had to be removed from the car.

The body was remarkably rust free! So we had that going for us. But getting that body smoothed out required some brutal long hours. It took a true team effort  with nine team members working at full speed. Jess  Anderson’s expertise as a full time auto body technician was essencial to getting the bodywork completed in the very short time available. The team jumped full speed onto the car and began to sand the 15 year old paint, revealing the layers of history beneath. Racetrack bodywork that was quickly done many years ago, had to be removed and redone properly.

Diane Tran, Amy Fitzgerald, Jess Anderson, Dee Asbury-Robertson, Jess Gomez, and Laura Duanas quickly went to work sanding, using many pieces of Soft Sander and Summit Racing 80grit paper. The Dura Blocks were a big help in getting the body straight right at the start. We ended the night early yet had no iea just what was in store for us the next day and night! Stay tuned!

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