1969 AMC AMX - Warrior Projects

The overall time frame for The Valkyrie Project is March 1 through December 1, 2015 which began with months of planning preceding the project’s official launch.

The Valkyrie Project 1969 AMC AMX all-women car build is presented in three distinct stages:

STAGE 1: Rebuilding the AMX 
During this stage, it is all about the mechanics of rebuilding a vintage car. From tear down, inspection to rebuild, every step in the process will be shown in the Latest Updates section.

Week 1-2: Shop set-up, vehicle prep, initial assessment and vehicle tear down

Weeks 3-6: Body work and paint

Weeks 7-11: Vehicle rebuild – Rebuild engine, replace transmission, rewire, replace interior, upgrade suspension etc.

Week 12: Hot Rod Power Tour preparation

STAGE 2: Philanthropy 
The completed car will join the Hot Rod Power Tour and serve as the lead car for the “Valkyrie Road Warriors”. The tour will serve as a platform for displaying car with the focus of giving back.

The team will drive for the Austin Hatcher Foundation, raising money for each mile driven and visiting a number of hospitals along the route. A lasting experience that is beyond words, the team looks forward to bringing joy to the lives of children who are fighting illness. Together, they will build Pinewood Derby Cars and then race them. The children and their families will be our honored guests at each tour stop.

STAGE 3: Competition 
Power and performance. During this time, the team will focus on preparing the car for competition events.